Will you partner with us to change lives in the Austin neighborhood for generations?

Over the next four fiscal years, 2017 – 2020, Chicago Education Partnership’s Moving Everest Charter School will need to raise an approximate average of $400,000 per year to meet its budget.

For fiscal year 2020 and beyond, we hope to be self-sustaining.

This does not account for any additional expenditures in areas like staffing or technology that might arise during the next four years.

It does not account for the funds needed to replicate this model in another Chicago neighborhood.

Your donation will help support school growth (we are adding one grade every year), general operations, curriculum, technology (computers and software licenses), field trips and staff development.

Multiple ways to donate


One of the most common ways to give is by check. Contributions by check are automatically credited to your giving record, and a statement is sent to your address. Please make checks payable to:

Chicago Education Partnership
P.O. Box 924
Wheaton, IL 60187

Online Payment

More and more individuals are choosing the electronic method of making contributions on-line just like they are paying more of their bills on-line. With the security of your information of highest importance, you can rely upon our on-line giving site to set up a one-time, or recurring gift of whatever amount you choose, and however often you choose. The real advantage is that you may easily change your instructions at any time, whether it is dollar amount, timing or frequency of the designation. You are in complete control of the amount and timing of your donations. Just  click the on-line giving link on this page.

Please fill out the form below.


Giving through the automated clearing house means setting up a recurring gift at your bank. Your bank transfers a pre-arranged set amount of money at a pre-arranged time each month and sends it electronically or by paper check to MECS.

Stock or Mutual Fund Transfer

There are a number of reasons to donate securities (stocks or mutual funds) which have grown in value since the time you acquired them. You should consult your tax adviser for advice. You may donate them directly to MECS by transferring them from your broker to the schools’s broker, which may give you tax advantage because the school is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization. 

How to Give Stock

1. Contact Your Broker

  • To transfer stocks or mutual funds that are being held electronically, please use the delivery information below.
    We have also provided a Letter of Authorization (LOA) which contains all the necessary information to assist you in contributing publicly traded securities such as stock and mutual funds and cash through your brokerage account. The Letter of Authorization (LOA) is only for your convenience. Please contact your financial institution to request their required procedures and forms and please include our fund name, Moving Everest Single Charity Fund and fund number, 1621078 on all delivery instructions.

    Deliver All DTC Eligible Securities to:

    DTC Clearing 0226

    National Financial Services, LLC
    For the account of National Christian
    Charitable Foundation Inc.
    Account Number 479-048720
    NCF Giving Fund Name: Moving Everest Single Charity Fund
    NCF Giving Fund Number 1621078

    Other Securities:

    Mutual Funds and other securities, may be delivered to one of the following accounts:
    Fidelity Acct# 479-048720
    Schwab Acct# 6595-8708
    Merrill Lynch Acct# 210-04116
    TD Ameritrade Acct# 901694820

    Note: Some financial institutions and mutual fund companies require the use of their own form or an additional letter of instruction. If your mutual funds are held at a brokerage firm other than the ones listed, please check with your broker to see if the funds are transferable. If they are not transferable, please contact us.

    If you use the Letter of Authorization, please send a copy to:

    National Christian Foundation
    ATTN: Contribution Services

    11625 Rainwater Drive, Suite 500
    Alpharetta, GA 30009

    please note: email transmissions are not secure

2. Advise MECS of the Gift

  • Please contact the school to let us know of the stock gift, the number of shares and the identity of the stock.